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Frequently Asked Questions

We like lists as much as we like cars around here. Check out the top questions we're asked most often below!

1. Who can apply to the Nissan Summer Internship Program?

Will you be enrolled in school during your internship? Then you can apply! We are looking for Undergraduate, Graduate, and PhD level students to fill our internships each year.

2. Are your internships paid?

Yes. Our internships are paid and benchmarked to ensure competitive rates. 

3. What functions within Nissan offer internships?

We have interns working in almost every area of the organization: Finance, Marketing, Engineering, Communications, Supply Chain, Business Transformation, and more. You name it - I bet we have a place that would be perfect for you.

4. Where are the internship positions located?

We have interns at all of our main US locations. You can find a list of them here. We also place interns at a number of Regional offices around the country.

5. Is housing provided to your interns?

Not at this time. We do our best to place interns at a location near their residence, but we do offer a housing stipend for those who qualify.

6. What schools do you recruit from?

Students come from schools throughout the US - it doesn't matter what school you attend, you are eligible as long as you are currently enrolled in a 4-year degree program. 

7. Do any of your interns get hired on as full-time employees?

Yes! Our ultimate goal is to help you gain the career experience you need to be successful after graduation. As a result, many of our interns are invited back to join us as full-time employees after completing their degree.

8. Will I get to drive a GT-R?

No, but we do provide our interns with a Nissan or INFINITI demo vehicle for the summer if you qualify. What better way to learn about a company than to experience our products first hand?

9. Why should I apply to the Nissan North America Summer Internship Program?

We provide our interns with the opportunity to use their knowledge, talents, and skills to impact the future of our organization. Interns receive projects that are both challenging and rewarding. You're immersed directly into the business and are considered part of the Nissan family. 

Are you ready to get in the driver's seat?

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