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About Nissan's Internship Program

​Our Internship Program only gets better each year. While the size of the program may ebb and flow to align with the company's hiring needs, the quality of the program continues to improve. Our goal is to bring the best and the brightest talent into Nissan, provide them with an experience they will never forget, and to build the future of automotive and the leaders of the next generation.

Within this site, you will find important information about the process of becoming an intern, how to apply, and the recruiting timeline. You can read some personal stories about our interns, see Nissan’s company culture through an intern's eyes via photos, and see what it takes to become the next Nissan intern.

A little disclaimer:

We are here to tell you about our Interns and help you launch your own Nissan career, but we are not a guest support forum. If you have customer service needs, our consumer affairs team would be happy to help you.

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