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Getting Involved

Nissan offers a variety of ways for you to get involved with different groups in the office and your community. Many of these groups are Employee Started and Employee Led Business Synergy Teams (BSTs) sponsored by our Americas Diversity Office. 

Which ones are you interested in joining?

W_W Logo

Wellness @ Work Locations: HQ, Smyrna, Decherd, Dallas, Farmington Hills


Women's BST Locations: HQ, Smyrna, Canton, Decherd, Dallas, Farmington Hills


Veteran's BST Locations: HQ, Smyrna

Green Team Logo

Nissan Green Team Locations: HQ, Farmington Hills


Multicultural BST Locations: HQ, Smyrna, Canton, Dallas, Farmington Hills

Generations BST

Generations BST Locations: HQ, Dallas


Gay Straight Alliance at Nissan Locations: HQ


Nissan Alliance of Parents Locations: HQ

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